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                方向公司是传统产业创新转型的标杆示范企业,在生产工艺上开创有别于传统的抛光工艺,由设计、花色、规格、工艺和配方引领抛光行业的高标准发展,参与国家标准《建筑产品III型环境声明》制定、国家标准《绿色建材评价标准 建筑陶瓷》制定。公司制定了比欧洲标准和国家标准更为严格的企业内控标准,并严格执行GB/T4100-2015国家标准及采用国际先进标准如ISO 13006:2012等,获得了质量管理体系、环境管理体系ISO14001和职业健康安全管理认证、省级标准化良好行为企业确认4A证书,“广东省产业发展促进会第一届理事会会员单位”










                Guangdong FangXiang ceramics co., ltd. was established in 2009, is a collection of research and development, production, sales as one of the large-scale ceramic enterprises, with 300 acres of modern ceramic tile production base, 12 large ceramic production lines, the daily output of 180,000 square meters, the annual output value is expected to reach 1.5 billion yuan. And the establishment of an advanced r & d center, tens of thousands of square meters of logistics storage center, is currently a large domestic emerging environmental ceramics production base.

                Participate in industry standard formulation

                Guangdong FangXiang ceramics co., ltd. is the benchmark for the transformation of the traditional industry innovation demonstration enterprises, starting on the production process is different from the traditional polishing process, from design, color, specifications, process and formula guide polishing industry standards development, participate in national standard "building products type III environmental statement formulation, national standards formulated the evaluation standard architectural pottery" green building materials. Company has established more than European standards and national standards are strict internal control standards, and strictly implement the national standard GB/T4100-2015 and adopt international advanced standards such as ISO 13006:2012, won the quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and occupational health and safety management certification, provincial standardization good behavior enterprise confirmed 4 a certificate, is the "association for the advancement of the first industrial development in guangdong province

                Focus on brand building

                The company focuses on the technical innovation and brand construction of construction ceramic category, is the founder of cloud ceramic category and air purification ceramic category, and gradually becomes the leading brand of China construction ceramic after years of development.

                The company is committed to providing complete product support and space solutions for the majority of consumers. The sales network of its ten brands covers all cities in China, and is exported to the United States, Germany, France, Brazil, Singapore and other countries, deeply loved and trusted by users.

                Since its establishment, the company has won the honors of top 500 manufacturing enterprises in guangdong province, famous brand products (luo LAN earl) in guangdong province, enterprises abiding by contract and honoring credit in guangdong province, three-star green building materials evaluation logo, top ten brands of marble tiles, and the most favorite brand of designer in 2018. Its reputation spreads all over the world.

                Committed to party and enterprise culture integration

                Fangxiang company practice "innovation, tree, dedication" development concept, establish "identity, unity, happy" three-heart culture and "innovation, integrity, respect, passion, responsibility" five core values. Establish the party branch, party construction guide to stimulate the red power of employees, party construction work integration in the enterprise culture, every Tuesday to organize employees to carry out Chinese culture and patriotism curriculum education; The union pays attention to the care of employees and their families, and plans to build a "home for small migratory birds" to enhance the sense of belonging, attract more high-end talents to join, and forge a strong cohesion and centripetal force for the company.

                Fulfill social responsibility

                Fangxiang  company has been rated as a major taxpayer for many consecutive years, among which it was rated as a major taxpayer of over 10 million yuan in 2018, becoming the main force of local real economy. In terms of environmental protection contribution, we will actively implement clean production, recycle sewage and solid waste, and achieve zero emissions from green production. Kelia air purification brick in the negative ion concentration release innovation, leading the industry to a higher standard, for the industry green home construction innovation and development set a benchmark; On public welfare contributions, from charitable activities of the participants to the initiator, organize employees to participate in the "collective" blood donation, "henan Hui County poverty alleviation fund poor students" and other charitable activities, was awarded "the compassion enterprise", "XiQiao charity award, China's dream to be pursued practitioners, to keep pace, and common development of our great motherland.

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